Our Work

Visions of Liberation

These workshop and consultation topics build our understanding of social movement and cooperative models so that we may incorporate these models and lessons into our work building movements for justice.

Alliance and Network Building

Educational Justice

Global Social Movements

Food Justice

Land Justice

Solidarity Economic Models

Student Organizing

US Social Movements

Anti-Oppression Education and Consultation

We examine how systems of power, privilege, and oppression operate on individual, institutional, and cultural levels. We seek not only to build analysis and understanding, but also to build tools for action and change.

Anti-Racism (for multi-racial groups, POC groups, and white groups)

Anti-Zionism and Palestinian Solidarity

Class Privilege and Uprooting Classism

Cultural Appropriation

(Dis)Ability Justice

Homophobia and Heterosexism

Multi-Generational Movement Building


Power, Privilege, and Oppression Fundamentals

Radical Mental Health

Sexual Harassment and Assault

Transphobia and the Gender Binary

Building Organizational Capacity

We provide services and trainings to strengthen core skills and build robust and effective organizations.

Anti-Oppression Organizational Audit

Board Roles and Responsibilities Training

Conflict Resolution Training and Facilitation

Developing and Documenting Decision Making Processes

Evaluations Processes Development, Support and Training

Grassroots Fundraising Training

Hiring Process Development, Support and Training

Human Resources

Meeting Facilitation

Member Recruitment, Retention & Development

Retreat Design and Facilitation

Strategic Planning & Follow Through

Further Consulting and Services

We provide individual consultation as well as skilled facilitation of meetings, retreats, and conflict resolution processes.

Caucus, Meeting, and Retreat Facilitation

Conference and Event Planning

Conflict Resolution Facilitation

Coordinate/Sit On Panels

Curriculum Development & Review

Getting Started/Start Ups

Ice Breakers, Team Building Games & Activities

Individualized Anti-Oppression Consulting

Popular Education/ Radical Pedagogy

5 Day Anti-Racism Action Camp

Client List

Arizmendi Valencia

Arizmendi Emeryville

AVODAH-New Orleans

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp

Bay Area Solidarity Summer (BASS)

The Beehive Design Collective

Bergen Community College

Berkeley Builds Capacity

Berkeley Student Cooperative

Better Future Project

Bike Kitchen

Books Through Bars

Boxcar Books

Break the Silence

C4 Tech & Design

The Capacity Project

The Cheeseboard Collective

Close to Home

CoCO Center for Community Organizations

CoFED- Cooperative Food Empowerment Directive

Collective of Collectives, Seattle

Common Ground Center

Community Food Co-op, Bellingham, WA

Conservation Corps North Bay

Consumer Cooperative Manager's Association

CUNY: Adjunct Project, Graduate Center, School of Law

Cycles of Change

Design Action Collective

East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice

Environmental Action Coalition

Equal Exchange

Evergreen State College: Campus Icarus Project, FIST

The Flaming Eggplant Café

For Crying Out Loud

Gallery Gachet

Girls Rock Philly

Head and Hands

hotpot! Philly

The Hub Bicycle Co-op

The Icarus Project

Inter Cooperative Council of Ann Arbor

Inter-Cooperative Council of Austin

Justice Now

Kensington Community Food Co-op

Lewis and Clark University

LGBTQA Youth Community Garden of Chicago

Local Sprouts Cooperative

Lucy Stone Cooperative

Madison Community Co-operative

Maple Street Co-op School

Mariposa Food Cooperative: Food Justice & Anti-Racism Working Group

Mascher Space Cooperative

McGill University: Social Equity and Diversity Education Office

Nabolom Collective Bakery

New York Trade School

North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO)

National Cooperative Business Association

National Radio Project

New Economy Coalition

New Moon Café

New York Law Collective

Oberlin College

Olympia Food Cooperative

Open Flows Community Technology Lab

Other Avenues Cooperative Grocery

Penn Haven Housing Cooperative

People's Food Co-op: Portland, Oregon

The People's Potato

Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance

Philly Stands Up!

Planned Parenthood NYC

Project H.O.M.E.

Prometheus Radio Project

Pursue: Action For a Just World


QuORUM Forum

Red and Black Cafe

Regeneración Child Care

Resource Generation

Responsible Endowments Coalition

Riverwest Public House Cooperative

Safe Place Olympia

Santa Barbara Student Housing Cooperative

Sex Worker's Outreach Project New York City

Save Our Safety Net DC

Solar Community Housing Association

Southern Maine Workers Center

Stonewall Youth

Students Organizing Against Prisons

SUNY BInghamton Food Cooperative

Swarthmore College


Takoma Park Silver Spring Food Cooperative

UAW Grad Student Union (UC Santa Cruz)

United World College - USA

University of British Columbia Social Justice Center

University of British Columbia Allies

US Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Wesleyan University

Weaver's Way Co-op

Willie May Rock Camp for Girls

Worchester Roots Project



Conferences and Summits

2010, 2012 National Worker Cooperative Conference

2010-2013 NASCO Institute

2013 New York Cooperative Summit

2011, 2013 Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy

2011, 2013 Western Worker Cooperative Conference

2011-2012 Allied Media Conference

2012 Femme Conference

2012 Pedogogy and Theater of the Oppressed Conference

2013 Youth Power Summit, Ithaca College